At Verastem, we are focused on discovering and developing novel drugs that selectively target cancer stem cells. Our mission is to translate discoveries in cancer stem cell research into new medicines for the treatment of breast and other major cancers. We are guided by our core values: Character, Urgency, Respect, and Excellence to create value for our patients, our colleagues, and our shareholders.

  • Character
    Integrity, candor and leadership set us apart in our desire to achieve our goals. We communicate transparently and honestly to promote an atmosphere of trust and loyalty. We inspire and learn in a fun, collaborative, and innovative environment.

  • Urgency
    Our success is measured by our ability to efficiently deliver new drugs that meet the needs of our patients. We are driven by an unrelenting sense of obligation to meet these needs with energy, creativity, and focus.

  • Respect
    We embrace diverse backgrounds and talents. We value everyone’s ideas and opinions to foster an innovative environment. We depend on each other’s expertise for navigating the path toward a new paradigm in cancer treatment.

  • Excellence
    We strive to exceed expectations and face each challenge positively with drive and ambition. We demand the highest performance of ourselves because our patients require the very best from each of us.